Claire Neesham


Writing and editing

Originally from the UK, I have over 20 years experience of writing and editing scientific, technical and educational content both for popular publications and more specialist journals. My work has appeared in UK national publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, New Scientist and The Times Higher Education Supplement. I have also written for the science and technology pages of national publications in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, and during the early years of my career I contributed to many specialist computer and business publications.

As Applied Sciences Editor on New Scientist I was required to generate ideas, commission, edit, re-write and proofread feature articles. These articles covered popular health; developments in new media, in particular the Internet and World Wide Web; science education; and the juxtaposition of art and science.

I have several years experience in copy-editing academic journals for international publishers such as Taylor and Francis and Blackwell. The articles have covered areas ranging from pure science, through the social and cultural impact of sports science, to comparative and moral education. I also have experience in proofreading both books and articles.

Until recently I worked at Aarhus University in Denmark as an editor and writer for the humanities faculty and the departments of science studies and sports science.

Public relations and media training

My PR skills include press release preparation, case study writing and generation of brochure copy. In addition I have worked with a public relations company on the creation and delivery of media training courses.

Project management

At New Scientist I ran a project to find out what high school students and their teachers would like to see on a science education web site. This assignment required me to write and place advertisements; liaise with internal staff on budgets, availability of resources, and access to senior personnel; to publicise the project outside the magazine and publishing house through a variety of media; and to create and run three week-long programmes in New Scientist's offices for three cohorts of students and teachers.

At London's Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) I organised two conferences that crossed the boundaries between art and science. In both instances I was responsible for identifying and inviting speakers. In addition I worked on a number of education projects including introducing secondary school children to an exhibition by a fashion designer who drew on her embryologist sister's knowledge of the first weeks after conception as inspiration for her collection.

Academic development

I have a BSc in biochemistry from the University of Bristol in the UK. I also have a Masters degree in Dance Studies from Laban in London and a Montessori teaching qualification (children 3-6 years) from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). In addition I have completed a part-time course in journalism at the London College of Printing, a short radio-journalism course at City University, and various on-job training courses covering all aspects of magazine production.

More specific details of my education and career are available in my resumé.

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